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Ernesto UI/UX Designer
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Average job size ~$3k/month.
Queue allows only high quality leads to post on the marketplace. Each job post is approved or disqualified by our team to make sure they are serious leads for you.

We find the best leads for your specialty.
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Hiring. Collab tools. Invoicing. Payments. Run your whole business online with Queue.
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Use the Queue mobile app to take everything on the go. Respond to messages, apply to new jobs, and send invoices all from the mobile app while grabbing some coffee.
Invoice domestic or international
Send invoices to clients without any complicated setup process. Get paid using credit card or wire transfers.
We make sure you get paid
We got your back! Things happen, clients try to bail on paying you.
We use a paywall so clients can't download files until paying you. Your project will be hosted on Queue as proof of service and we use contracts agreed to by both parties.
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Trusted by thousands
Highly recommend queue for finding a designer. we found a designer in 2days for our next product release
6:13 PM  Jan 05, 2022
Samantha loves
🤬 grew tired of interviewing designers without quite sure how to differentiate good to great andended up using queue - def gonna use them again
5:54 PM  Jan 01, 2022
Austin Richardsons
You dont have to spend 15hrs a week trying to hire ONE person. just use a company like who are doing all the vetting for you. you dont even have to pay anything for it 😎
9:14 AM  Jan 21, 2022
bradley web3!
Yo check out if you actually want to find good designers available to start right away.
7:16 PM  Jan 19, 2022
Derek Simps
godsend, after wasting so much effort trying to find a visual designer we went with queue and was able to find someone quick af
1:28 PM  Jan 29, 2022
Was so cool to work with they helped me find someone with domain expertise for our startup.
5:54 PM _ Jan 10, 2022
Stuart Mckenzie
Happy dance with Its like hiring but without all the part that sucks lol Also working with JP was fun 🤪 🤪
5:54 PM _ Jan 10, 2022