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We'll ask you simple questions for your designer requirements. Each question helps us narrow down who should apply to your job.

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Chat with them live or hop on a call to interview them. Most designers are available to respond within minutes.

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Approve work directly on Queue

Review Figma files, videos, and much more. Even create a wireframe to show exactly what you need done.

Review videos, images, figma, and more.
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Manage contracts and payments

No hidden fees. You pay what you and your designer agree on. We take a percent cut from the designer and not you.

Pay using credit, debit, or wire transfers.
Discount available for certain startups and YC companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using Queue?

Queue does not charge you any fees. You will only pay for invoices from your designers at a price you both agree on. Queue just takes a small commission off the freelancers pay. We do not charge the buyers anything.

What type of jobs can I post on Queue?

Queue is mainly a marketplace for all types of product designers but we also have animators, motion designers, copywriters, illustrators, graphic designers and more. Anything in the creative/startup space is allowed.

Is Queue an agency? Who will I be working with directly?

Queue is not an agency. We are an open marketplace that connects you to creative freelancers. Queue is also the host of your job from start to finish. Think of us as an all-in-one platform.

How do I setup my payments if I'm international?

We have a whole page of documentation on payments here.

How do I pay?

Your designer will invoice you in the job project for whatever price you decide on together. You can pay with a credit card or link any major bank account.

What if I hire someone internationally? How is the exchange rate handled?

The exchange rate is handled by Stripe and is a mid-market rate. Learn more about payments here.

What if I don't know exactly what I'm looking for?

Budget, duration and specialty don't need to be exact, just give your best estimate. The applicants will send you a proposal with what they think the job will require based on your description. You can always change it down the road. If you want inspiration, check out our explore page.