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Setup your profile and get approved

No cost to start up. No subscription. No yearly fees.

Start applying once you're approved
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Apply to jobs & get hired

Find jobs with startups and funded companies.

Send proposals
Set the terms of your contract

Step 3

Submit designs for approval

We'll put you in a project with your client and team. You'll be able to upload files, chat, and submit review requests with deadlines.

Get feedback on Figma, videos, and more.
Create wireframes and mockups
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Step 4

Send invoices & deliverables

Receive payment on Queue. There are no fees, Queue just takes a 10% commission on clients you get through the marketplace. Independent clients are 0% commission fee.

Send invoices with a paywall
Create wireframes on our canvas feature
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will get my profile approved?

Startups hiring on Queue don't expect mediocre designers. They want the best and they're willing to pay for it. So we make sure that you have a robust portfolio (minimum 5 items), an about you section, and the ability to write/speak proper english.

What happens if I'm denied?

Don't worry, it happens. We recommend continuing to perfect your skills and submit your profile again after you've done the things we responded with. If your portfolio isn't approved, your style may not fit what our buyers are looking for.

Keep in mind. You're free to use Queue's collaboration and invoicing tools even if you're not accepted into the marketplace.

What's the average job size?

On average we see $1- 2.5k deal sizes. Most companies will want to hire you for a small project and then put you on for a contract or monthly retainer.

How do I get paid?

We let you invoice your clients and you get paid when they pay. If you have any issues with clients not paying, contact us.

Is there a commision rate?

There is a 10% commission if you find a client through the marketplace. We let you set your own rate and price.

If you use Queue's invoicing with a client outside of the marketplace, we do not charge a commision.