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Highly recommend queue for finding a designer. we found a designer in 2days for our next product release
6:13 PM  Jan 05, 2022
Samantha loves
🤬 grew tired of interviewing designers without quite sure how to differentiate good to great andended up using queue - def gonna use them again
5:54 PM  Jan 01, 2022
Austin Richardsons
You dont have to spend 15hrs a week trying to hire ONE person. just use a company like who are doing all the vetting for you. you dont even have to pay anything for it 😎
9:14 AM  Jan 21, 2022
bradley web3!
Yo check out if you actually want to find good designers available to start right away.
7:16 PM  Jan 19, 2022
Derek Simps
godsend, after wasting so much effort trying to find a visual designer we went with queue and was able to find someone quick af
1:28 PM  Jan 29, 2022
Was so cool to work with they helped me find someone with domain expertise for our startup.
5:54 PM _ Jan 10, 2022
Stuart Mckenzie
Happy dance with Its like hiring but without all the part that sucks lol Also working with JP was fun 🤪 🤪
5:54 PM _ Jan 10, 2022