Payments &


Send your client your final files with a paywall so you get paid before they can download.

Join thousands of designers who trust Queue to power their billing in 45+ countries

This is how it works


Create invoices

The invoices can have any due date and are payable via credit card or bank wires.


Upload your deliverables

Upload anything from files to a website link.


Client pays to download

Soon as your client pays, they can download their deliverables.

Accept payments from anyone in the world

Payment gateway is highly secure and backed by Stripe & Plaid. Powered by industry standard security protocols and designed to be easy to use.

Credit, Debit, or Bank Wires

Accept payments via credit card, debit card, or wire transfers from anywhere in the world.

No complicated forms

Payment form is simple and straight to the point. No complicated and lengthy form.


Deposit received

Paywall your deliverables

Upload your final files or links, and paywall them so they can't take it and run.

You can upload anything from files to links. Here's some below.

Video files
Website links
Figma Links
Compressed folders

No fees unless we make you money.

Only pay a commission fee if you find a client on the Queue Marketplace. So feel free to invite your independent clients to collaborate with them.

Fee for independent clients
Fee for marketplace clients
Secure and

Built for freelancers and contractors.

Start making money in no time, while keeping your worksecured.