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Get feedback on any type of file or live website. Set deadlines and automatically remind clients to finish reviewing. And much more.

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Faster feedback


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Take control of your deadlines

We'll give you the tools to collaborate with your client and manage your project faster than you do now.
Reviews and approvals
Get reviews done 5x faster
Share review links with your client so they can click anywhere to give feedback. Supporting live websites, videos, and over 30 different file types.
Set deadlines
Track feedback
Send to anyone
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Automatic reminders
Set a deadline and we'll automatically remind them to finish reviewing. Freeing up your time to do more important things.
Built to scale
No more back and forth miscommunication or CC'ing your team on emails. Keep everyone in sync.
reviews & approval

Cut review time in half

Queue makes feedback more specific and actionable, so you can reduce review cycles and speed up approvals. With visual context you'll have less confusion and more clarity.

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Comment on anything

Queue supports over 30 different file types. That includes websites, videos, PDFs, and images.

Click anywhere to give feedback

No more confusion. Get visual feedback that cuts through the noise and gives you context to make the correct changes.

Finish the reviews on time

Set deadlines with automatic reminders that assures your client gets their reviews done on time.

Integrate with your favorite apps


Automatically export comments from Queue to a Notion database.


Send a slack message to a channel when there's a new comment.


Automatically create a task for each new comment.


A new item will be created in a group you choose on your Monday board.


Import and choose which frames you want to share for feedback.


Import any file from your DropBox account with a few clicks.


Invoice clients & pay freelancers

You can use Queue to manage your projects, clients, and contractors in one place. Send invoices to clients for free, and distribute funding to freelancers when the project is finished.



Give your clients the best experience by installing Queue white-labeled on your domain. Share SOC2 documentation with your enterprise clients and much more to scale your company.

Host on your domain

Enable the best client experience by allowing them to login from your domain instead of Queue.

White-labeled projects

Replace Queue logos with your own to give a professional experience to your client.

SOC2 documentation

Want enterprise clients? They'll want the SOC2 documentation to ensure all data is secured. We'll handle that for you.

Bill clients with no fees

Bill clients anywhere in the world with $0.00 fees. Paywall your work so you get paid before they can download final assets.

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